PD Dr. Nils Helge Schebb
Institute for Food Toxicology and Chemical Analysis
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
Bischofsholer Damm 15
30173 Hannover

Tel.: +49 511 856 7780

Fax: +49 511 856 7409

  • E-Mail: schebb (at) wwu.de

Welcome to the homepage of the research group of PD Dr. Nils Helge Schebb.

Our research focuses on the investigation of biological activities employing instrumental analytical methods. By providing quantitative data about the activity and concentration of compounds on the molecular stage we seek to improve the systematic/molecular understanding of their protective as well as toxicological effects.

PD Dr. Nils Helge Schebb

University of Wuppertal

The group works in part at the Institute of Food Toxicology and Chemical Analysis at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover and at the Institute for Food Chemistry at the University of Wuppertal.

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  • 09/2016 Dr. Sven Meckelmann, a former postdoc of our lab, received the prestigious Schormüller Medal on the annual meeting of the Division of Food Chemistry of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
  • 09/2016 09/2016 The 6th European Workshop on Lipid mediators in Frankfurt 27-30.09.2016 link was a great success! Thanks to all of the more than 200 participants! Safe the date for the next meeting in 2018 in Brussels.
  • 10/2016 We welcome our new group members Quang Thach Bui and Malwina Mainka conducting their master thesis at the University of Wuppertal.

    Job postings


    We have several open positions in Hannover and Wuppertal for master/diploma students. If you are studying food-chemistry, biochemistry or related fields of modern life sciences and are interested in a challenging project for your master/ diploma thesis please contact Dr. Schebb.
    Available projects are in the area of nutrio/pharamacokinetic studies, metabolism research, biochemistry (enzyme kinetics) analytical chemistry and metabolomics. A detailed description (in German) of a few projects can be found here.

    PhD Thesis

    We encourage highly motivated candidates to apply as PhD students in the field of life sciences. If you have acquired knowledge and skills in biochemistry and/or bio-analytical chemistry e.g. in the fiels of pharmacology and toxicology and are interested in performing a research project in the area of food chemistry, molecular nutrition or metabolomics, please contact Dr. Schebb. For an overview about ongoing research projects refer to the research section. Currently we are seeking a PhD student (analytical chemistry) with experience in work with animal models (rat and mice).