Prof. Dr. Nils Helge Schebb
Chair of Food Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Gausstra├če 20
42119 Wuppertal

Tel.: +49 202 439 3457

Fax: +49 202 439 3073

  • E-Mail: schebb (at)

Welcome to the homepage of the research group of Prof. Dr. Nils Helge Schebb.

Our research focuses on the investigation of biological activities employing instrumental analytical methods. By providing quantitative data about the activity and concentration of compounds on the molecular stage we seek to improve the systematic/molecular understanding of their protective as well as toxicological effects.

Prof. Dr. Nils Helge Schebb

New Chemistry Buildung of the University of Wuppertal

The group works at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Wuppertal.

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  • 12/2018 We are looking for an experienced postdoc.
  • 12/2018 Our former PhD student Dr. Annika Ostermann gets the award for the best PhD-thesis from the "Friends and Alumni of the University of Wuppertal (FABU)". Congratulations Annika!.
  • 12/2018 We are wishing all our collaboration partners and friends productive last working days in 2018 and happy holidays!.
  • 11/2018 We just showed that the plasma oxylipin pattern varies massively during the day (Ostermann, 2018). So if you are planning using oxylipins as biomarker be very carefull when regarding the time point of blood sampling.
  • Job postings


    We have several open positions for master/diploma students. If you are studying food-chemistry, biochemistry or related fields of modern life sciences and are interested please contact Dr. Schebb.

    PhD Thesis

    We encourage highly motivated candidates to apply as PhD students in the field of life sciences. If you have acquired knowledge and skills in biochemistry and/or bio-analytical chemistry e.g. in the fields of pharmacology and toxicology and are interested in performing a research project in the area of food chemistry, molecular nutrition or metabolomics, please contact Dr. Schebb. For an overview about ongoing research projects refer to the research section.